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DePaul to Host Restitution & Repatriation Symposium in November 2013 with Featured Lecturer Jack Trope

September 17, 2013


The conference, Restitution and Repatriation: The Return of Cultural Objects Symposium will be held at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago on Thursday, November 14, 2013. The program will address the underlying legal, ethical and moral reasons and policies behind the return of cultural objects. Panels will discuss provenance research, museum acquisitions, historical appropriations, […]

U.S. Government Declines to Disclose How It Obtained 10,000 Illegally Exported Iraqi Artifacts

August 7, 2013


The 2003 US invasion of Iraq was a disaster for the country in terms of preserving their archaeological heritage. Looters stole 15,000 artifacts from the Baghdad museum in the chaos, of which only 25% have been recovered. Authorities have recovered 130,000 artifacts stolen from other places in Iraq, but tens of thousands of pieces are […]

National Museum of Finland Refuses to Return Cuneiform Artifact to Iraq

July 16, 2013


The Art Newspaper reports — Officials at the National Museum of Finland say that they have turned down a request to return six artefacts to the Iraqi embassy in Helsinki that were donated to the institution in the 1970s. The objects, including a clay nail inscribed with cuneiform, were presented to the late Finnish president […]

Putin Wears “Happy Smile” to Return Ancient Books to Jewish Group

June 19, 2013


There has been a long-running US-based legal conflict between Russian and the Jewish Chabad-Lubvitch movement, based in Brooklyn, over a collection of books. The group’s leader was permitted to leave the Soviet Union in 1927 but his books ended up in the hands of the Russian government in the process. The Jewish group filed and […]

Cambodia Welcomes Home Stolen 10th Century Sculptures

June 13, 2013


Two 10th-century statues received a much-anticipated welcome home party yesterday at the Phnom Penh airport. The “Kneeling Attendant” statues were accompanied by two representatives from New York’s Metropolitan Museum, which relinquished the sculptures after Cambodia showed they were wrongfully removed from the Koh Ker temple complex in the 1970s. The statutes will be on display […]

US Urged to Relenquish Cambodian Antiquities

May 29, 2013


Recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced its decision to return stolen artifacts to Cambodia. Emboldened by this decision, Cambodia is now urging other United States museums to do the same. According to spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Ek Tha, “We are calling on all American museums and collectors, that if they have these […]

An Update on Turkey’s Cultural War

January 30, 2013


Turkey is currently seeking the return of thousands of antiquities which they believe are rightfully theirs. In this pursuit, Turkish officials are using every weapon in their arsenal and inciting what they have referred to as a “cultural war.” Turkish officials have not only threatened to halt their practice of lending archeological treasures to museums […]

Problems Arise as The Getty Attempts to Verify Antiquities

January 29, 2013


In a recent effort to become more transparent, the Getty is currently attempting to verify the origins of the antiquities within its broad collection. According to recent reports, the Getty hopes to not only verify some 45,000 items in its collection, but also create an online database to house their findings. Of the undertaking, Getty […]

Head of Hades to be Returned to Sicily

January 15, 2013


The Getty museum has recently announced that it has decided to voluntarily return a terracotta head to the Museo Archeologico in Aidone, Sicily. Researchers at the Getty believe that the head, which they suspect is a depiction of the Greek god Hades, was “clandestinely excavated” from Sicily over forty years ago. According to Getty records, […]

Turkey Ups Ante in Repatriation Efforts

September 6, 2012


Turkey’s Ministry of Culture has started applying pressure to major museums to return what they say are looted antiquities from Ankara. They are refusing to lend artifacts to these U.S. and U.K. museums, pending repatriation of the Ankara artifacts. The British Museum is feeling the heat, as Turkey has refused to send 35 artifacts for […]