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Antiquities Wars Recordings Up (Finally!)

March 3, 2010


Forever ago, I posted an announcement about a panel in NYC titled, “Antiquities Wars: A Conversation About Loot and Legitimacy.”  I told you that when I got the recorded program, I would make it available on the blog.  Well, it has taken a while, a long while, but I have the excuse of having moved […]

U.S. Repatriates Ancient Artifacts to Iraq

March 1, 2010


In a ceremony at the Iraqi embassy in D.C., the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned six items to the Iraqi ambassador to the United States.  Most of those items were ancient artifacts, which Ethiopian News listed as follows: Neo-Assyrian gold earrings, ca. 8th-7th Century B.C., from a mass of gold jewelry known as […]

EU Weighs in on West Bank Heritage Designation?

March 1, 2010


Last week the CPAL Blog reported on the riots following Israel’s designation of West Bank heritage sites.  Arab News attributes the following quote to Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy director — [The EU] regards the recent decision by the government of Israel to add sites in Hebron and Bethlehem to the list of Israeli […]

Jewishness as a Shield of Immunity for Rosenthal

December 12, 2008


Sir Norman Rosenthal, former Exhibitions Secretary at the Royal Academy, has published his thoughts on restitution in The Time Has Come For a Statute of Limitations at the Art Newspaper.  He argues that restitution should not be made to the descendents of art and cultural property owners.  His reasons are (1) to do so makes […]

The Context of Context: My attempt at objectivity.

November 11, 2008


I exchanged emails with an archaeologist colleague that made me pause to think about context.  In my blog I often use a tongue in cheek approach that might sometimes make it sound like I don’t entirely sympathize with the archaeological establishment.  Truth is, I don’t. I don’t sympathize with any establishment.  You can’t sympathize with […]

“Still Just Knicknacks”: Chicago in the heat over objects without context.

November 10, 2008


Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune printed a piece titled, “Loot! Chicago at center of battle between archaeologists, collectors.” In it, author Tom Hundley tours the battlegrounds with Mac Gibson and later James Cuno, juxtaposing the men’s positions. Hundley met up with McGuire Gibson, University of Chicago scholar and Mesopotamian archaeologist, in Baghdad, and surveyed the damage […]

Radical Archaeologists as Nazis and Goose-Stepping.

November 3, 2008


In his blog Numismatics and Archaeology, Nathan Elkins writes on problems he perceives in the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild.  It’s an interesting perspective on the ACCG and some of the more inflammatory positions its members have espoused. Read “Archaeological ‘Brown Shirts‘” at Elkins’ Numismatics blog. Read the “Goose-stepping” post by Wayne Sayles that seems to […]