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Reactions to “The Great Giveback”

February 6, 2013


Senior editor at the New York Review of Books, Hugh Eakin, recently published an opinion piece, “The Great Giveback,” in the New York Times. The piece discusses the now commonplace routine of American museums announcing the return of antiquities to foreign countries, based on the respective country’s threats of legal action or other sanctions. Through […]

Public and Private Property in the Cultural Property Realm: Reporting from Oahu

June 6, 2012


Reporting from the Law and Society 2012 Conference in fabulous Honolulu, I went to a talk yesterday by Betina Kuzmarov on the Parthenon Marbles. Before you go getting all skeptical that anyone could add anything interesting to the discussion at this point, listen up. Betina first outlined the four basic categories of arguments that people […]

Cultural Property Law on October 20, 2010: Marion True, Indonesian Dance, and a Wayward Greek God

October 20, 2010


This week, in the wild, wonderful world of cultural property: The statute of limitations has run on the prosecution of Marion True, after five years of hearings and testimony that Ms. True had knowingly bought ancient artifacts of dubious provenance for the Getty Museum collection; Nazi records and photographs of the looting of more than […]

The Elgin Marbles, the Bust of Nefertiti, the Euphronios Krater, and the Rosetta Stone: Who Owns What?

May 11, 2010


As I typed in my rather unimaginative title to this post (I’m exhausted from traveling today, and its the best I could do), I thought about how I’d like to see that dogs playing poker painting redone to have all of these items in it.  You know, playing poker. The New York Times recently printed […]

Cuno and Gerstenblith Face Off on Antiquities Ownership Issues

March 22, 2010


You might be thinking that I’ve got a bit of a crush on James Cuno, since this is the third audio I’ve provided in just a couple of weeks where he’s featured.  But I assure you it speaks more to how much he talks than to my personal opinion about what he’s saying. I’ve said […]

Antiquities Wars Recordings Up (Finally!)

March 3, 2010


Forever ago, I posted an announcement about a panel in NYC titled, “Antiquities Wars: A Conversation About Loot and Legitimacy.”  I told you that when I got the recorded program, I would make it available on the blog.  Well, it has taken a while, a long while, but I have the excuse of having moved […]

Italy returns missing foot to Greece.

September 25, 2008


Greece is delighted with Italy’s return of a Parthenon sculpture fragment featuring the foot of the goddess Artemis.  It is hoped that this gesture will strengthen Greece’s long-standing request for the British Museum to return the Elgin Marbles. The Brits have thus far responded, “Hell, no.” The “Palermo fragment” was originally part of the collection […]