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Guest Post: Beware of the Darker Side of Art Financing

August 9, 2012


This guest post was submitted by Karl Stockton, writer for Sterns & Walker, an aviation law firm. Seems like he’s arguing that the standard risks of financing are exacerbated by the relative uncertainty of art valuation. What do you think? You walk into a gallery or auction house. You eye a certain piece; consider the […]

Greek Archaeologists Rebury Remains to Protect Them

March 14, 2012


Archaeologists are better known for unearthing archaeological artifacts, but in Greece, they are actually burying them. Due to the current economic crisis in Greece, funding has been cut for many excavation projects. In an effort to preserve partially-excavated archaeological remains, professionals are reburying their discoveries. Michalis Tiverios, a professor archaeology at Thessaloniki’s Aristotelio University, explained, […]

Cultural Property Law on March 10, 2010: Bullfighting, Shaolin Monks, Shipwrecks, et al.

March 10, 2010


I’m going to try a new format, only a little bit inspired from Derek Fincham’s occasional “Footnotes” format.  It is also inspired by my seeing all these great news bites when I go through my reader in the morning and not having the time to give you witty commentary on them all.  Without further adieu, […]

The Economic Crisis Hits Cultural Property Disposition

February 15, 2009


The federal government of Canada has denied the Museum of Northern British Columbia the funds to purchase a prehistoric Tsimshian club, valued at $250,000 CAD. The Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board recommended the purchase, but after some wait, a one-sentence fax informed the museum that the request had been denied. Unfortunately, that means the […]