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US Ratifies Cultural Property and Terrorism Agreement with Azerbaijan

June 21, 2013


The package of documents includes the intergovernmental agreements on combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing, on cooperation in the fight against illicit traffic of cultural properties and ensuring their return and on cooperation in combating the illicit manufacturing of and trafficking in firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices. This is […]

Ancient Roman and Byzantine Coin Hoard Seized in Lesovo

August 31, 2012


The National Customs Agency in Bulgaria seized 488 artifacts which were being trafficked across the border at Lesovo. Authorities report that customs officials decided to search a Jeep being driving by a 43-year-old Bulgarian national, even though there was nothing particularly suspicious about their behavior. The driver and his passenger said they had nothing to […]

Serbian Police Locate Cezanne Stolen in Swiss Museum Raid

April 30, 2012


Local media has reported that Serbian police have located Cezanne’s Boy in the Red Vest, stolen in 2008 during a raid on a Swiss museum and valued at $109 million. Other works stolen in the raid were by Monet, Van Gogh, and Degas. The Serbian police are waiting until an expert can verify the authenticity […]

UNESCO Pressures Georgia to Revise Restoration Plans on Medieval Cathedral

January 11, 2012


UNESCO has placed the 11th century Bagrati cathedral in Georgia on the World Heritage in Danger List, but it’s due to its restoration rather that its deterioration. During a 17th century Ottoman invasion, the cathedral and its elegance were severely damaged, and the building has continued to weather, unused. Under pressure from the Orthodox Church, […]

European Commission Renews Efforts to Protect Cultural Artifacts

December 2, 2011


The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, is renewing its efforts to keep track and prevent the loss of cultural artifacts. It announced on November 29 that there will be a consultation relating to a new idea of how to prevent the illicit trafficking of cultural items being removed from member-states. Other […]

Hungarian Parliament Considers Restricting Phase 1 Surveys

October 31, 2011


Archaeologists are incensed over a law proposed to the Hungarian Parliament that would restrict the amount of time and money allotted for archaeological surveys.  The law would cap Phase 1 surveys for large scale developments, such as highway construction, at 30 days. Phase 1 surveys typically consist of pedestrian surveys, topographic mapping, shovel testing, and […]

Bulgarian Repatriation “Like an Action Film” Says Cultural Minister

June 22, 2011


It is well-known that many illegally traded antiquities are sent through the international mail, especially via private carriers.  The chances of discovery are nearly nil.  But they aren’t quite zero. In 2007, the Canada Border Services Agency caught two batches of cultural property being imported from Bulgaria into Canada by mail.  The Agency detained the […]

Response in from UNESCO

October 21, 2008


Just heard back from the very prompt Ulrike Koschtial at UNESCO in response to my question about funding for the protective measures such as metal cages, sonar-equipped buoys, etc., under the Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.  Her response was as follows: Yes, indeed, each country would have to take protection measures. The […]

Risk of Destruction of Historic Sites in Georgia

August 27, 2008


In recent weeks, scant news articles have made reference to the destruction of historic sites in Georgia as a byline to coverage of the war.  Cultural preservationists have been left speculating as to the true state of things in the region.  Answering many of our questions, Tom Flynn has published an excellent investigative piece on […]