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Cambodia Welcomes Home Stolen 10th Century Sculptures

June 13, 2013


Two 10th-century statues received a much-anticipated welcome home party yesterday at the Phnom Penh airport. The “Kneeling Attendant” statues were accompanied by two representatives from New York’s Metropolitan Museum, which relinquished the sculptures after Cambodia showed they were wrongfully removed from the Koh Ker temple complex in the 1970s. The statutes will be on display […]

US Urged to Relenquish Cambodian Antiquities

May 29, 2013


Recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced its decision to return stolen artifacts to Cambodia. Emboldened by this decision, Cambodia is now urging other United States museums to do the same. According to spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Ek Tha, “We are calling on all American museums and collectors, that if they have these […]

More (Allegedly) Stolen Art at Sotheby’s

August 24, 2012


There is yet another piece of allegedly stolen art gracing the pages of Sotheby’s 2011 catalog. Prosecutors have recently filed suit against Sotheby’s over a 1,000 year old statute of a Hindu warrior, according to a recent article in The New York Times. The documents claim that Sotheby’s knew the sculpture “was an important piece […]

New York Times to Assign Cultural Heritage Articles to Uninformed Generalists

June 1, 2012


Today, the New York Times is reporting this story, Cambodia to Ask Met to Return 10th-Century Statues, although it’s not really a story yet because Cambodia hasn’t actually asked the Met to return anything. But, apparently, they will. That’s fine, ask away, and then we’ll discuss it. The only reason I’m linking to the story […]

Court Permits Cambodian Statue to Remain with Sotheby’s

April 17, 2012


A 1,000-year-old Cambodian statue believed by the United States and Cambodia to be stolen from its temple site remains in the custody of Sotheby’s auction house after a recent federal court ruling on the matter. In March 2011, Sotheby’s attempted to sell the sandstone statue for an anonymous Belgian client for up to $3 million […]

Cambodia Seeks Return of Statue Cut from Koh Ker Temple

March 8, 2012


Cambodia is negotiating with Sotheby’s for the return of a 1,000-year-old statute reportedly smuggled out of Cambodia 40 years ago. The sandstone statue stands five feet high and depicts a mythical warrior with an intricate headdress, and is valued at $3 million. Archaeologists have matched the statue to its pedestal in a temple in Koh […]

From Siena to Cambodia: Tulane Upgrades Cultural Heritage Summer Program

February 14, 2012


Tulane is offering a summer program in Siena designed for law students with an interest in cultural heritage and the arts. The program offers a diverse faculty, including legal scholars as well as scholars with art history, archaeology and cultural heritage. After finishing the three-week academic component, students will then have the opportunity to put […]

Thailand Denounces the 1972 UNESCO World Heritage Convention

June 30, 2011


At the 35th session of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee earlier this week, Thailand announced its intention to denounce the 1972 World Heritage Convention.  Suwit Khunkitti, head of the Thai delegation to the World Heritage Committee, declared that Thailand would resign as a member country to the Convention due to the Committee’s consideration of a Cambodian […]

The Cultural Heritage and Arts Review: Protecting Cultural Materials in Cambodia, Armed Conflict, and Underwater

June 17, 2010


The American Society of International Law has kindly provided me with a link for readers to download the Spring 2010 edition of the Cultural Heritage and Arts Review, a publication of the Interest Group of Cultural Heritage and the Arts.  Contents include my Black Swan essay, and articles on Cambodian cultural protection and repatriation of […]

Designation of World Heritage Sites Not Always a Happy Occasion

August 19, 2008


Last month, UNESCO inscribed 27 new sites onto the World Heritage List.  Among those inscribed was Preah Vihear temple, on the border between Thailand and Cambodia.  A 1962 international court ruling awarded the temple to Cambodia, but there is still dispute regarding surrounding lands.  The designation of the complex as a World Heritage Site reignited […]