Cultural Property Protection and the U.S. Military: A View From an Army Archaeologist

Posted on October 22, 2013


laurie-rush-photoPlease see the following notice from DePaul regarding a program that will be happening… tomorrow!! If you are in the Chicago area, it sounds like it’d be worth checking out.

Sorry for the late notice, but we are very fortunate to have Dr. Laurie Rush as a guest speaker at DePaul College of Law this week, Wednesday, October 23, 2013, from 11:45-12:30 p.m. in Room 904 (Lewis). Please join us for her presentation, “Cultural Property Protection and the U.S. Military: a View from an Army Archaeologist.” Light refreshments will be served following the lecture.

Dr. Laurie Rush is an Anthropologist and Archaeologist who has served as a US Army civilian for fifteen years managing Cultural Resources at Fort Drum, NY.  She has a BA from Indiana University Bloomington, an MA and PhD from Northwestern University, and is a Fellow of the National Science Foundation and of the American Academy in Rome. Under her leadership, the Fort Drum cultural resources program has won numerous Army and Department of Defense Awards.  Dr. Rush was the military liaison for return of the Mesopotamian City of Ur to the Iraqi People in the spring of 2009. She also represented US Central Command at an Environmental Shura in Kabul, Afghanistan in February of 2010 and analyzed cultural property protection lessons learned from the Iraq and Afghan conflicts for the Central Command Environmental Program in 2010.  Dr. Rush lectures widely in the US and overseas to both military and civilian audiences on the importance of identification of and respect for cultural property on the battlefield.  Educational materials developed by her team in partnership with Colorado State University have reached over 125,000 US military personnel and are also being used by UNESCO, the Associated National Committees of the Blue Shield, and the Austrian Defence Academy.  Dr. Rush has been recognized by her peers with the Register of Professional Archaeologists Special Achievement Award, the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation Chairman’s Award for Federal Achievement in Historic Preservation, and the Booth Family Rome Prize for Historic Preservation.  She is the editor of the recent book, “Archaeology, Cultural Property, and the Military,” and author of numerous articles and book chapters concerning the importance of military education and planning for cultural property protection in crisis areas.

Please email Lubna El-Gendi at if you will be attending.