Arrested Auctioneer Calls Accusations Absurd

Posted on September 4, 2013


Munich auctioneer Herbert Schauer has recently been arrested over allegations of antique book theft in Naples. Authorities believe that the stolen books have since been sold in London, New York, Munich, Tokyo, and even Argentina.

After the theft was linked to Munich auction house Zisska & Schauer, Schauer was extradited to Italy and arrested. The auction house has since described the accusations as “preposterous, absurd, and totally groundless.”

The alleged book theft occurred at the 16th-century Biblioteca dei Girolamini, located in Naples. Last April, the Biblioteca dei Girolamini was shut down due to the discovery that hundreds of antique books were missing from its shelves. Former director Marino Massimo De Caro, who was arrested based on allegations of embezzlement, recently admitted to the theft of certain books.



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