Phallus Rises in Popularity, Goes on Sale in Norfolk Museum

Posted on June 3, 2013


Museum-sells-Golden-Phallus-replica-pendants-in-gift-shopThe King Lynn’s Museum in Norfolk will be offering replica golden phallus pendants for sale in their gift shop. At a mere 2.5 centimeters long, what the pendants lack in size they make up for in luster.

UPI explains:

A penis-shaped gold pendant was discovered in 2011 by Kevin Hillier and his metal detector on a farmer’s field in Norfolk, England. Known as the Hillington Phallus, the 2.5 centimeter gold member was valued at $1,200 by the British Museum — a finder’s fee split between Hillier and the landowner…

The original Hillington Phallus is a small pendant formed out of a single sheet of gold soldered together along the length. It has an aperture at the ends and two globes of gold soldered to each side of the base… The piece is so delicate [the illustrator] Heaser couldn’t make a direct mold, and instead made detailed measurements, drawings and photographs…

Heaser made a silicon model of the phallus for a mold, and will use metal clay to make the replicas. “This is the most extraordinary thing I have every done,” she said.