Syrian Artifacts Seized

Posted on February 14, 2013


In early February, the Public Security Department (“PSD”) reported that police seized a large stock of antiquities from an Arab National. Police believe that the antiquities were originally smuggled from Syria.

The recovery occurred after police officers received a tip that the antiquities were being housed in a Ramtha apartment. According to PSD Spokesperson Lt. Col. Mohammed Khatib, “We inspected the apartment early Saturday and found a large amount of artifacts that are illegal in the possession of a private individual.”

According to a security source, the Arab National suspected of smuggling the antiquities is a “well known dealer who helped move smuggled antiquities from the border region to Amman and the international market.” He is considered to be a trafficking “middleman,” who has moved many antiquities through his apartment.

Police revealed that the antiquities have been sent to experts for testing. No further information is currently available on the origin or nature of the items.