DePaul Sponsors Symposium on the Return of Looted Antiquities

Posted on September 10, 2012


DePaul University College of Law Center for Art, Museum & Cultural Heritage Law will sponsor a symposium on October 29, 2012, to address the underlying legal, ethical and moral reasons and policies behind the return of cultural objects.

The symposium will bring together lawyers, museum professionals, representatives of indigenous communities, and other scholars and experts in the field to examine the repatriation of cultural artifacts. Participants will discuss the repatriation of cultural objects appropriated in the more distant past whose restitution some view as outside the scope of existing law, but others view as a matter of restitutionary justice. They also will address the repatriation of artifacts looted in recent times whose removal is often viewed as causing contemporary damage to the cultural heritage of communities and nations and to the historical and cultural record.

Lynn Nichols, author of The Rape of Europa, will deliver the keynote speech.