Reports from Down Under on More of Kapoor’s Looted Indian Antiquities

Posted on September 3, 2012


Subhash Kapoor, an Indian-born, New York-based art dealer has been making headlines since his detention in Indian on allegations of illicit antiquities trafficking. Galleries and museums worldwide are examining their collections to see what they may have purchased that went through Kapoor’s business.

We recently reported that an art gallery in New York City had realized they’d acquired $20 million in illicit artifacts from Kapoor. Now, the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Australia has realized they have six Indian artifacts acquired through Kapoor. The gallery’s director, Michael Brand, said that the gallery would update it’s 1 1/2 page acquisitions policy.

This news followed that of Canberra National Gallery of Australia, who reported they purchased 21 artifacts from Kapoor. The spokesperson for this gallery defended by saying it “had purchased works from a dealer it — and 18 other global institutions — thought was of the highest repute”.