More (Allegedly) Stolen Art at Sotheby’s

Posted on August 24, 2012


A 2011 Sotheby’s catalog shows a thousand-year-old statue believed to be from the Koh Ker temple in Cambodia.There is yet another piece of allegedly stolen art gracing the pages of Sotheby’s 2011 catalog.

Prosecutors have recently filed suit against Sotheby’s over a 1,000 year old statute of a Hindu warrior, according to a recent article in The New York Times. The documents claim that Sotheby’s knew the sculpture “was an important piece of cultural property that had been stolen.”

The prosecutors argued that the statute should be treated as stolen property under Cambodian and British law. Experts believe the statute is included under Cambodian statutes, royal orders and decrees from as early as the 1900s that declare covered items to be the “exclusive” and “immovable” property of the government.

Sotheby’s defends that Cambodia never declared ownership of the statute, and that there is no proof that the statue was stolen.