Semana Santa in Santa Rosa

Posted on April 6, 2012


After a refreshing few days in Copan Ruinas, we found ourselves wanting to continue on to Santa Rosa de Copan. The trouble with this plan was that we arrived at a thoroughly cerrado bus terminal. It turned out that no buses would run at all on Thursday or Friday due to the national holidays. Oops.

We were, however, able to convince a guide to drive us the 3 hours to Santa Rosa, albeit at moderate cost. And so we arrived yesterday in a town sleepy with both afternoon heat and holiday. We found a lone restaurant open and ordered corn syrup-free glass-bottled Pepsi and plates of pollo y carnitas.

The afternoon melted into the evening, and the air turned cool and a breeze picked up. The central parque began to fill at dusk, as ambulantes set up their stalls and the large, colonial-style church started an open-door service. We enjoyed a several course dinner of street food which included a sort of nacho plate but with plantain chips instead or corn chips as well as these giant taquito-type things covered in cabbage and pickled onion. After dinner, we watched the local boys breakdancing on the square, debating which moves and dancers were the best (and most dangerous!).

By the time I peeked onto the street at 7am, the people had nearly completed the alhambras that they stayed up all night making. The decorative carpets run many blocks continuously and are made of colored sawdust. After a desayuno tipico at our pensione, we meandered up the parque to watch the morning procession, which destroyed the artfully laid alhambras.

Afterward, we enjoyed cafes con leche atop the small building in the center of the parque. From above, we watched the children climbing in the single best climbing tree I’ve ever seen, and the men watch the women. PB successfully negotiated the purchase of a pair of sunglasses from a roaming vendor.

Tonight, we are going out to fancy dinner tonight at the Hotel Elvir restaurant, one of the nicest (and very few open) restaurants in town. But, first, I think I’ll need some helado to tide me over. I have two books currently in rotation: The Richest Man in Babylon and Card’s Shadow of the Giant. I’ll take them both along and see which one calls louder.

And for tomorrow: Gracias.