Canada Approves Export of $1 Shipwreck Back to Norway

Posted on March 27, 2012


Jan Wanggaard, former World Champion Windsurfer, is overseeing a project to return the shipwrecked Maud from Cambridge Bay in Nunavut, Canada, to Norway. Roald Amundsen, a famous Norwegian explorer, designed the Maud to voyage to the North Pole, but in 1925 filed for bankruptcy and sold the vessel to the Hudson’s Bay Company. In 1930, the Maud sank in the harbor of Cambridge Bay, becoming a part of the seascape with a portion of the ship’s starboard visible above the water.

On Wanggaard’s petition, the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board has reconsidered an earlier decision and approved an export permit for the Maud. When the Board announced its ruling, it recognized the shared heritage of the ship between Canada, Norway, and the world but ultimately ruled that Norway could claim the ship after having paid $1 for it in the early 1980s.

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Thanks to Kristina Bauer for her assistance with this post.