State Department Seeks to Return Funding to UNESCO

Posted on February 28, 2012


The State Department has set aside $79 million in its 2013 budget to fund UNESCO, even though it pulled funding to the organization just a few months ago.

Longstanding American legislation took effect last fall cutting off funding to UNESCO when the organization voted to give full membership to Palestine. The legislation provided for immediate cessation of financial aid to any organization that approved Palestine as a full member. The law was passed under the rationale that giving Palestine more authority would counteract the peace process.

The $79 million cannot be distributed unless Congress grants a legal waiver. Some congressmen are opposed to the waiver, believing that recommencing funding will give the thumbs up to other U.N. organizations to support Palestine.

The main programs affected by the cut off of funds were the Iraqi National Water Council and literacy training and education in Iraq.

The US provides 22% of the total budget (around $80 million) to all United Nations agencies.

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