UNESCO Removes Neo-Nazi Dance from Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Posted on January 24, 2012


ImageThe sudden removal of Viennese balls from UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list is the result of a review by an Austrian commission group, stating the ball has links to far-right politics. The commission alleged that far-right groups and politicians such as neo-Nazis dominate the annual Ball des Wiener Korporations Ringes (WKR) Ball. The ball, which tends to draw protesters, has been determined to violate one of UNESCO’s key principles, “giv[ing] a special priority to tolerance and respect for other cultures, and to esteem for cultural diversity.”

In the future, a revised list of Viennese balls without connections to extremist political groups could be reestablished on UNESCO’s “intangible cultural heritage” list.

Read the full article from BBC News: Vienna ball dropped from UNESCO Austrian heritage list.

Thanks to Kristina Bauer for her assistance with this post.