European Commission Renews Efforts to Protect Cultural Artifacts

Posted on December 2, 2011


The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, is renewing its efforts to keep track and prevent the loss of cultural artifacts. It announced on November 29 that there will be a consultation relating to a new idea of how to prevent the illicit trafficking of cultural items being removed from member-states. Other topics that will be covered by the consultation include the safeguarding of goods and the return of plundered cultural property to a member-state.

The EC has previously attempted to deal with this issue by creating Europaena, a digital library capable of keeping tabs on cultural items. It is predicted that Europaena will hold 30 million culturally valuable goods by 2015, but the commission still recognizes that the chief responsibility of protecting these treasures falls on the shoulders of the member-states.

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Thanks for Kristina Bauer for this contribution.