Looted Breton Painting Returned to France

Posted on October 25, 2011


In an official ceremony last week, the United States returned the looted “Fisherman’s Daughter” painting by Jules Breton to France.

In 1918, German occupation troops confiscated many works of art from the Douai Beaux Art Museum in Northern France, “Fisherman’s Daughter” among them.  Last year, a New York art dealer was found importing the painting and it was seized.  Art experts from both France and the US examined the work in an attempt to determine authenticity, as it had been heavily restored.

The FBI Art Squad discovered that, after confiscating the Douai Beaux collection, the Germans sent it to Belgium.  The collection was returned to France after the war, but “Fisherman’s Daughter” was missing.  It is unknown where the painting was between then and when it showed up in the hands of private owners in New York last year.

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