US Customs Seizes Illicitly Exported Mexican Idol

Posted on August 1, 2011


US Customs and Border Patrol seized an illicitly exported Pre-Columbian Nayarit artifact as it was being shipped from Indiana to British Columbia.  NWI explained:

Investigators learned the 4-inch, orange figurine of a woman was found to have sold for $550 at an auction and was en route from Indiana to the buyer in British Columbia, Canada… 

According to Customs spokeswoman Cherise Miles, the figurine is thought to originate from a multi-piece burial scene in an elaborate underground mountainous tomb… 

The consulate general of Mexico in Chicago has affirmed the figurine as a cultural artifact that was illicitly exported from Mexico, Miles said. The artifact will be returned to the Mexican government in a repatriation ceremony that has not yet been scheduled.

Read the full article here: Customs agents retrieve Mexican artifact being shipped from Indiana.