Is Zahi Hawass Ever NOT In the News?

Posted on July 21, 2011


When normal people lose their jobs, they go home, tell their spouses, have a drink, and hope they find work before friends and family catch on.  Not Zahi Hawass.  As a long-time media darling, he was already positioned for a fantastic, well-publicized fall.

With the recent regime change in Egypt, Hawass has gone being a national hero and the preeminent Lord of All Things Egyptian Archaeology (the “pyramid whisperer“), to a villain, to a criminal, to (now) fired.  The Associated Press explains:

Egypt’s antiquities minister, whose trademark Indiana Jones hat made him one the country’s best known figures around the world, was fired Sunday after months of pressure from critics who attacked his credibility and accused him of having been too close to the regime of ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

Zahi Hawass, long chided as publicity loving and short on scientific knowledge, lost his job along with about a dozen other ministers in a Cabinet reshuffle meant to ease pressure from protesters seeking to purge remnants of Mubarak’s regime.

“He was the Mubarak of antiquities,” said Nora Shalaby, an activist and archaeologist. “He acted as if he owned Egypt’s antiquities, and not that they belonged to the people of Egypt.”

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