Four Corners Widow (Rightly) Sues Feds

Posted on June 3, 2011


The widow of Dr. James Redd of Utah, who was arrested and interrogated after federal agents raided his home , has filed a civil suit against the federal government for “rebuk[ing], harass[ing], and terrify[ing]” Dr. Redd to the point where he committed suicide.  This excellent synopsis of the complaint reveals details of the story that I had not yet heard, and only serve to confirm my opinions of the investigation as articulated in The Four Corners Sideshow.  The article explains:

Redd says agents “manhandled and handcuffed” her 60-year-old husband, “followed by four hours of interrogation in the garage,” because he had found a little effigy bird pendant on a hike, and brought it home. She says the artifact, a 1/16th-inch thick shell, might be worth about $125.

For the heinous sin of bringing the shell home, she says, the federal agents, armed with assault rifles and wearing flak jackets, “rebuked, terrified, and humiliated Dr. Redd.”

They accused him of “unlawful activity of which he was not guilty,” and “repetitively called Dr. Redd a liar while taunting him that a felony offense meant revocation of his medical license. The defendants wrongfully harassed Dr. Redd and taunted him that he would never practice medicine again,” his widow says.

“The next day, June 11, 2009, reflecting on the excessive, overreaching and abusive treatment he had been subjected to, after making a recording based upon his tragic experience, Dr. Redd took his own life. His final words connected his death to the defendants’ egregious actions. … He went to his vehicle, hooked a hose to the exhaust pipe of the car, and asphyxiated himself.”

I am so glad to see that someone is representing Mrs. Redd in this respect, and am eager to see how this suit unfolds.

For full details, read Widow Says Abusive Feds Cost Doc His Life.

Hat tip LCCHP.