Photos from Greece and Albania

Posted on May 28, 2011


As I mentioned, I got back just a week ago from a recent backpacking trip.  I immediately charged into the first week of summer session, planted a substantial garden at a friend’s farm, and for some crazy reason had already committed to running a 10k (tomorrow, incidentally).  But I saw so many amazing things on my trip, and many of them archaeology/history related, that I did want to share some of the photos with you.  I’ve done so, and declare myself back on the blogging horse.

So if you’d like, start at this page: Kimberly’s Travels, to navigate the photos by city.  If you are just going to look at one or two, I would recommend Meteora and Athens in Greece and Saranda in Albania.  The remarkable piece of equipment that I took these photos with was an iPod.  The impressiveness of the sites makes up for the shoddiness of the photos in many instances.

Historically, I’ve posted my photos from traveling just on my personal web space, but I realized that since chances are my blog readers share the same interests as I do, there’s no reason that I can’t post at least some of them here.

Hope you enjoy!


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