2010 Annual Beacon Awards: The Heros of Cultural Property Preservation

Posted on October 22, 2010


Next Friday, Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE), will hold their annual Beacon Awards at CUNY in New York City.  Details about the panel:

Across the globe, art thieves threaten the world’s cultural heritage by stealing some of humankind’s greatest masterpieces. But four men are working tirelessly to thwart their criminal efforts. Attorney Robert E. Goldman, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Hall, Senior Special Agent with U.S. Department of Homeland Security James E. McAndrew, and retired FBI agent Robert K. Wittman have recovered objects from around world and returned many of them to their rightful owner or country of origin. Collectively, they have saved over millions of dollars worth of stolen cultural property, including the Peruvian Lord of Sipan’s golden Backflap, Lord Vishnu’s 9th century statue, Egyptian antiquities from the Ma’adi Museum, and the crystal ball from the Imperial Palace in Beijing. Drawing from their own experiences in the art theft world, these unsung heroes will discuss the past, present, and future of international crime against cultural property; the changes they have witnessed during their years in the field; and what changes need to be implemented in the future to save our shared past for the future.

There will also be a reception to honor the recipients of the Beacon Award.

Click here for more details from SAFE about the October 29, 2010, event.