The Pyramid Whisperer: Zahi Hawass

Posted on June 3, 2010


Fun excerpt from an ABC article on Zahi Hawass:

He is now “world-renowned,” at least in his own assessment of himself. The pyramid whisperer drinks $300 (€242) bottles of wine, and his best friend is actor Omar Sharif. Sometimes he puts on an expensive tuxedo and drives to a party at the villa of President Hosni Mubarak.

He even met with US President Barack Obama in June, and the two men stood at the base of the Pyramid of Cheops with their hands in their pockets, looking cool as could be.

“We were friends right off the bat,” says Hawass. “I told him that George Lucas came here to find out why my hat became more famous than Harrison Ford’s.” When he was shown the layout for his latest book, he had only one comment: “OK, but you have to print my name in bigger letters.”

“I’m not just famous in the United States, but also in Japan and, in fact, everywhere,” the narcissistic Egyptian explains without hesitation.

I love this article because Hawass’ personality is sometimes the white elephant in the room when cultural property and Egypt are discussed.  The author here embraces that personality, using Hawass’ narcissism as a vehicle to explore the man and his work.

Read the full article here: Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s Avenger of the Pharaohs.

Hat tip LCCHP.