High Seas Shipwreck Pits Treasure Hunters Against a Sovereign Nation

Posted on June 3, 2010


The Cultural Heritage and Arts Review (a publication of the American Society of International Law) has been kind enough to publish an article I wrote titled, “High Seas Shipwreck Pits Treasure Hunters Against a Sovereign Nation: The Black Swan Case.” The article covers the litigation between Odyssey Marine Exploration, Spain, and Peru, over the wreckage of the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes, at the U.S. District Court level (the appeal is now in progress).

The article highlights the arguments of Peru to the Spanish silver, which I was surprised to find convincing since I’m a bit of a skeptic on post-colonial restitution. That part alone is worth a lookover, in my opinion.

You can check out my article by clicking here. I’ve asked ASIL to provide a link to the entire publication, and will update this post with that link if they are able to provide one. Would love to hear thoughts and/or comments.