75 Glorious Minutes on the International Antiquities Trade

Posted on April 23, 2010


This is an oldie (not that old, just over a year) but a goodie.  Patty Gerstenblith gives a talk at Case Western Reserve University titled, “The International Market in Ancient Art and Artifacts; Preserving the Past through Regulating the Market.”  The talk is quite good and the quality of the recording is just fine.  Add the slides and you’ve got a triple threat, and a video totally worth watching.

Gerstenblith covers a variety of objects and events from the head of Amenhotep III to that photo where the looters wave to the passing plane to Veronese’s The Marriage at Cana.

The Intro is kinda long, so you might want to skip the first five minutes.  The whole thing is 75 minutes.