“Salazar Decides to Decide”? Rush Would Be Proud

Posted on March 3, 2010


If you consider the announcement that someone is going to decide something news (hey, it is in politics), then we’ve got news on the Cape Wind project, discussed in more detail on the CPAL blog last month.  According to a Department of the Interior news release, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has determined that the two sides on the Cape Wind off-shore wind farm project proposed for Nantucket Sound are simply not going to agree, and he’s going to have to cut the baby in half.  Or give it to one side or the other.  Or eat it, I don’t know.

The essential quote is — “The time has come to bring the reviews and analysis of the Cape Wind Project to a conclusion,” Secretary Salazar said. “It is clear to me that the consulting parties are not able to bridge their divides and reach agreement on actions to minimize and mitigate the Cape Wind Project’s effects on historic and cultural resources.”  Sounds vaguely like recent statements regarding a certain western nation’s proposed health care bill.

Hat tip to LCCHP, “Salazar Decides to Decide.”

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