Antiquities Wars Recordings Up (Finally!)

Posted on March 3, 2010


“Table Support in the Shape of Griffins Attacking a Doe,” a Greek sculpture dating from 325 to 300 B.C., was among 26 treasures the J. Paul Getty Museum returned to Italy in 2006.

Forever ago, I posted an announcement about a panel in NYC titled, “Antiquities Wars: A Conversation About Loot and Legitimacy.”  I told you that when I got the recorded program, I would make it available on the blog.  Well, it has taken a while, a long while, but I have the excuse of having moved from Alaska to New Mexico, and having needed to replace my optical drive which I just got around to (did you know you have to take apart the entire, literally, entire laptop to do so on a 12″ PowerBook?).  But I remember my promises, and here you are, nearly two hours of James Cuno, Sharon Waxman, Kwame Anthony Appiah and Daniel Shapiro discussing the ethics of cultural property, my theme of choice.

Download Antiquities Wars Part I: ~80 minutes, ~70mb, .mp3 format.

Download Antiquities Wars Part II: ~20 minutes, ~20mb, .mp3 format.