UPDATE on “Haiti Struggles to Save Cultural Property”

Posted on February 24, 2010


On February 11, 2010, I gave a rundown on CPAL as to the current status of culturally significant property in Haiti.  Among other issues, the presidential palace was listed as one of the properties about which UNESCO was particularly concerned. I wanted to update with a photo of the palace, since it speaks for itself as to the extent of the damage.

Both UNESCO as an organization and Paris as a city have stepped up in an effort to aid Haiti in preserving their cultural heritage despite earthquake damage.  A conference was held in Paris last week for a special UNESCO delegation to address the issue.  UNESCO has also issued a ban on the export, import, and trade of Haitian artifacts.

Also, Paris’ Montparnasse Museum opened an exhibit titled, “Haiti: 500 Years of History,” comprised of 75 paintings chronicling the island’s history from Columbus’ landing in 1492 to the present day.

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