Pastor Arrested for Theft of Indian Idols

Posted on February 9, 2010


On January 29, 2010, ten religious folk were taken into custody after trying to smuggle a gaggle of Haitian children (nearly three dozen) across the DR border.  Just two days later, several men were arrested in Periamet, India, for stealing panchaloha idols.  No connection worth mentioning, really, except that one of the thieves is reputedly a pastor (or a “Christian priest”).

The factual parallel highlights how operating from your own private moral ground can cause you to violate communal ethics.  The baptists thought they were helping the children, while the thieves likely lacked understanding of these objects being of religious or cultural value.  Both the baptists and the thieves will be tried under local law — Haitian and Indian, respectively.

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Hat tip to Derek Fincham for his Foonote on the arrests.