BBC History of the World Series Draws Criticism

Posted on January 28, 2010


Tom Flynn, art historian and critic of critics, is a top notch blogger — with witty, incisive, and insightful posts.  His recent post, A History of the World in Looted Objects, is no exception.

The colonialist implications of encyclopedic museums may be old hat in the blogging world by now, but apparently they aren’t quite so for BBC, who has starting airing “A History of the World in 100 Objections,” produced in conjunction with the British Museum.

My favorite line from Tom’s commentary on the new show:

What few people realise is that MacGregor’s activities on behalf of the British Museum, although dressed up as a laudable didactic mission of public enlightenment and edification, are actually part of a more urgent project to protect the beleaguered edifice that is the Encyclopedic Museum in Europe and North America.

Zing!  Read the full article here.