Endangered Languages, Protecting Native American Languages

Posted on April 16, 2009


images4More than 2,400 languages around the world are in danger of extinction, according to Unesco, and the US is second only to India in having the highest number of endangered languages.

Homogeny and globalization take a beating these days, but there are some positive aspects to them — wider access to medical care, education, technology, and an increase in cultural exposure.  However, cultural traditions and languages in particular are dying.

On BBC, Saving Native American Languages is an excellent article that discusses how we are losing the diversity of languages, as well as how we are working to preserve it.   It is timely in light of the interactive map recently published on the UNESCO website that shows all the world’s disappearing languages.  The map really is fasincating, and I encourage you to spend a couple minutes finding the unsafe and endangered languages in your area.

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