Legal Issues in Museum Administration & Free MP3 on Collecting on Public Lands

Posted on February 22, 2009


The Smithsonian Institution and the American Association of Museums are cosponsoring an ALA-ABA conference on Legal Issues in Museum Administration, to take place April 1-3, 2009, in Boston, Massachusetts. ALI-ABA provides the following summary of the curriculum:

Legal Issues in Museum Administration is intended to provide museum directors, administrators, trustees, legal counsel, and others who are concerned with museum operations, with an awareness of the legal problems and issues they will encounter. Although primary emphasis is on new materials, the course is structured so that considerable familiarity with the subject matter is not required. Every attempt is made to provide practical information and to present ways of avoiding and solving expected problems. Although all questions are presented from the legal point of view, no attempt is made to draw an arbitrary line between legal aspects and matters of policy…

They’ve got a heavy-hitting faculty roster, and the courses for the three days look pretty interesting.  Check out Legal Issues in Museum Adminsitration on the ALI-ABA website for full details on the event.

And here’s your free bonus.  If you go to the ALI-ABA listing, in the right navigation bar you can listen for free to an MP3 of the seminar from the 2008 LIMA conference, “Collecting on Public Lands – Permits, Compliance, and Law Enforcement.”  If you want to download it to listen to later, you can do so from this page, near the bottom (find “free” for a jump).  It’s 23 mb and 1 hour long.  Depending on your jurisdiction, you may still be able to get CLE credit for listening (I can).  Enjoy!

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