The Economic Crisis Hits Cultural Property Disposition

Posted on February 15, 2009


The federal government of Canada has denied the Museum of Northern British Columbia the funds to purchase a prehistoric Tsimshian club, valued at $250,000 CAD. The Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board recommended the purchase, but after some wait, a one-sentence fax informed the museum that the request had been denied. Unfortunately, that means the 4,000 year old club, which was excavated in BC in the 1960s, is leaving the country to go to a U.S. buyer.

In the past, if a purchase was recommended by the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board, then the Department of Canadian Heritage would approve the grant by default. It is suspected that the economic downturn is the reason that it was not possible to secure funding to purchase the ancient club.

Read the full story, BC Museum Loses Bid to Keep Ancient Stone Club, at the Globe and Mail.

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