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Posted on January 25, 2009


Yesterday, I commented to my e-friend and archaeologist K. Kris Hirst that I wanted to see an article online about “that 8,000 year old stele where the guy is eating the duck.” She (amazingly) understood my chatter, and posted an excellent article on on the Kuttamuwa Stele. She explains:

The Kuttamuwa stele is from an Iron Age residential structure in Zincirli, dated to the 8th century BC, the Neo-Hittite period to be specific. Zincirli is quite famous for its steles—numerous ones found at the site in the 19th century are at various museums in Europe today. The remarkable thing about the Kuttamuwa stele is that it has a 13-line inscription written in Samalian Aramaic, containing the earliest reference to a soul as separate from the body.

The inscription reads “I, Kuttamuwa, servant of Panamuwa, am the one who oversaw the production of this stele for myself while still living. I placed it in an eternal chamber(?) and established a feast at this chamber(?): a bull for [the storm-god] Hadad, … a ram for [the sun-god] Shamash, … and a ram for my soul that is in this stele.”

For the whole article, including a pretty cool picture, check out Kuttamuwa Stela on About.

p.s. I, Kimberly, servant of the Cultural Property Law Blog, oversaw the production of this post.

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