“Stop chasing Ganesh. You’re just going to get more Wrath!”

Posted on January 7, 2009


Posts have been scant because I have been traveling. I am having a great trip, will soon be more stationary again, and will resume my usual pace of posting. In the meanwhile, I saw this article on a statue of Ganesh which is soon to be exhibited in the Portland Art Museum. I thought it timely because I spent the last few days in the fine city of Portland.

Essentially, the Museum purchased a statue for which they have no provenance information prior to the year 2000. The Curator of Asian Art has taken steps to try and find more information, but to no avail. She decided to display it anyway because the statute is not rare and Ganesh is not actively venerated.

The acquisition has been criticized by those who believe museums should not acquire items of unknown provenance.

For the full article, check out: Is Portland’s Hindu Statue a Looted Antiquity? on the LA Times Culture Monster.