I’m Upping the Price to $5 million for this Blog Post.

Posted on December 4, 2008


Amanda Moran’s eyes widened as she walked from a blinding July afternoon into the cool living room of a red-roofed house just off South Dixie Highway in Coconut Grove. Piled like cheap toys in this ordinary suburban house, some tightly wrapped in Ecuadorian newspaper, were more than 160 pieces from the most incredible collection of pre-Columbian artifacts ever smuggled into the United States. On one table sat a squat clay vase with a dusty-looking handle. On a couch lay a glinting ancient breastplate. On the coffee table stood a four-inch-tall figurine used by shamans in the Andes 6,000 years ago to cast out evil spirits.

Go Miami New Times!  What an intro.  From an entertaining article by Tim Elfrink on the recent arrest of Edgar Nakache in Florida: High-Class Heist.  My favorite line?  “We’re upping the price to $5 million for the whole set.”  Right out of a movie.

Also of interest in the article is the timeline of high profile arrests in recent months.

The artifacts were all returned to Equador, but charges were dropped against Nakache.

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