Response in from UNESCO

Posted on October 21, 2008


Just heard back from the very prompt Ulrike Koschtial at UNESCO in response to my question about funding for the protective measures such as metal cages, sonar-equipped buoys, etc., under the Convention for the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.  Her response was as follows:

Yes, indeed, each country would have to take protection measures. The UNESCO 2001 Convention does however facilitate cooperation and the exchange of knowledge in this area. States that have already made experiences in the use of protective devices (of which there are of course some more then the ones cited in the article) can train other States’ nationals or share their knowledge.

The use of metal cages in Croatia was for instance the result of a quite long development process in which problems (like the pollution of the cage with algae or lacking stability) had to be resolved, but in which also economical uses (the rental to dive organizations) were developed.

So, it does appear that the State parties would pay for the initiatives themselves, but they would at least have access to knowledge of others who have taken these steps.  Here is the list of those parties, in case you were curious.

Much thanks to Ms. Koschitial for her very quick response.