The Intersection Between Native American Law and Intellectual Property

January 5, 2011


Robert J. Miller of Lewis & Clark Law School has written a timely and informative piece, American Indian and Tribal Intellectual Property Rights, published in the Tulane Journal of Technology and Intellectual Property.  It’s refreshingly concise, and covers: The Indian Arts & Crafts Act (1935), Protection of tribal names (i.e., Crazy Horse), and Use of […]

Yale Agrees to Return Machu Picchu Artifacts to Peru: Ethics-Based Repatriation Efforts Gain Steam

December 28, 2010


The year is 1908.  You are an academic from Yale, traveling deep in the wilds of South America.  A native farmer offers to show you something spectacular, pointing to a mountain that you had no plans to climb.  You are skeptical, but have an adventurer’s spirit, and can’t resist his offer.  You set out first […]

Online Classes in International Heritage Studies

December 20, 2010


The UMass Amherst Center for Heritage and Society is offering an International Heritage Online Studies Program for advanced students and for career development for heritage professionals.  They’ve recently announced the online classes they’re offering for the Spring semester, and they look great.  I am particularly intrigued by this one: Safeguarding Intangible Heritage (ANTHRO 597SI) Instructor: […]

State Department Leak in the Black Swan Case

December 16, 2010


Here’s an interesting twist to the Black Swan litigation we’ve been following here on CPAL: WikiLeaks cables show that U.S. diplomats sought to broker a deal whereby U.S. embassy officials stationed in Spain would provide confidential customs documents prepared by Odyssey to the Spanish government. In exchange, Spain was to assist U.S. efforts to reclaim […]

Stolen Native American Knife Sheath Recovered by Wisconsin Historical Society

December 7, 2010


From my new hometown of Madison, the Wisconsin State Journal reports on Native American artifact theft and repatriation: A Native American artifact stolen in the 1990s by a disgraced Wisconsin Historical Society museum curator has wended its way back to the institution’s collection, nurturing a faint but persistent hope that other stolen artifacts might follow. […]

IHL Workshop on the Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict

November 30, 2010


The International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IHL) is putting on a Specialised Workshop on the Protection of Cultural Property in Armed Conflict from December 13th-15th in Italy. IHL explains: Our Teaching Staff and Facilitators are drawn from experienced senior military legal officers, leading academics practising in the field and experts from international organisations. Speakers already […]

Do Tourists Receive a “Get Out of Jail Free” Card to Smuggle Illicit Antiquities?

November 24, 2010


I was just in San Fran for an ARCA panel presentation, so I thought this post timely.  The Bay City News reports: A gathering is planned in San Francisco today to celebrate the repatriation of a pre-Columbian figurine seized from a passenger at Oakland International Airport earlier this year. The 2.5-inch figurine was confiscated on […]


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