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UNESCO Assesses Destruction to Mali

February 12, 2013


On February 2, 2013, UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova paid a visit to Mali. According to UNESCO, the purpose of the visit was to begin the assessment of the state of the cultural heritage and manuscripts in Mali after destruction caused by the recent fighting. Bokova hopes to develop a plan of action in tandem with […]

Plans to ‘Invest’ in Ancient Sites Angers Palestinians

January 31, 2013


Israel is forging ahead with plans to invest in a number of its national heritage sites, including nine sites along the West Bank. The plans, including that of adding a handicapped accessible entrance to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, have elicited a an angry response from Palestinians. When Israeli officials initially announced that they would […]

Mali Conflict Puts Timbuktu in Danger

January 28, 2013


In light of the escalating violence in Mali, UNESCO has recently began to urge armed forces to protect Timbuktu’s historic and religious landmarks. As recently reported, the ongoing conflict has posed a grave and imminent threat to Timbuktu’s cultural heritage. According to residents of Timbuktu, the Islamic fighters have already committed severe damage the city’s […]

Russia Lists Historic Mansions for Public Auction

January 22, 2013


There are currently 150,000 architectural monuments in Russia. According to Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinsky, a majority of them are in a “horrific condition.” In order to save these properties from ruin, Medinsky has implemented a plan to auction off the estates and mansions to private citizens who can properly care for and restore them. […]

Nepalese Gang Busted for Trafficking Antique Bronze Buddha

October 5, 2012


As reported in The Himalayan Times, the Nepal Police have arrested five persons involved in the attempted sale of an antique bronze Buddha idol. The five arrested — Dawa Lama, Uttam Kumar Rai, Dai Bahadur Rai, Santosh Rai, and Krishna Khatri — are believed to belong to a gang. Authorities found the gang in a […]

Parsi Community Recognized by UNESCO, but not Mumbai, for Preservation Efforts

September 4, 2012


UNESCO has formally recognized a Parsi community for their choice to restore and preserve historic enclaves. Architect Vikas Dilawari, under the guidance and advice of the Garib Zathostiyona Regethan Fund, restored the Sethna Buildings, which consists of five buildings that house many of the poorer Parsi families in the area. Restoring the Sethna Buildings not […]

Conflict Endangers Syrian Treasures

August 28, 2012


The recent fighting in Syrian city Aleppo poses irreparable damage to the city’s architectural and cultural legacy. A recent article in The New York Times explains that, as the world’s oldest continuously inhabited human settlement, Aleppo has been home to different civilizations for over 5,000 years. One of the oldest structures in the world – […]

Public and Private Property in the Cultural Property Realm: Reporting from Oahu

June 6, 2012


Reporting from the Law and Society 2012 Conference in fabulous Honolulu, I went to a talk yesterday by Betina Kuzmarov on the Parthenon Marbles. Before you go getting all skeptical that anyone could add anything interesting to the discussion at this point, listen up. Betina first outlined the four basic categories of arguments that people […]

Two Albums Documenting Nazi Art Theft Discovered

April 3, 2012


During World War II, the Nazis recorded the cultural property and paintings they seized into catalogs. The catalogs have photographs of each confiscated item and were used for Hitler to choose which ones he wanted for his personal collection. Historians estimate there were a total of 100 catalogs. The Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation […]

ASIL Cultural Heritage & the Arts Interest Group 2012 Panel and Dinner in DC

March 13, 2012


As Chair of the Executive Board for the American Society for International Law (ASIL) Cultural Heritage & the Arts Interest Group (CHAIG), I’m thrilled to announce that the group has put together an outstanding panel and dinner for the ASIL annual meeting in DC later this month. The dinner will take place on March 29th […]


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