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Jewishness as a Shield of Immunity for Rosenthal

December 12, 2008


Sir Norman Rosenthal, former Exhibitions Secretary at the Royal Academy, has published his thoughts on restitution in The Time Has Come For a Statute of Limitations at the Art Newspaper.  He argues that restitution should not be made to the descendents of art and cultural property owners.  His reasons are (1) to do so makes […]

The Context of Context: My attempt at objectivity.

November 11, 2008


I exchanged emails with an archaeologist colleague that made me pause to think about context.  In my blog I often use a tongue in cheek approach that might sometimes make it sound like I don’t entirely sympathize with the archaeological establishment.  Truth is, I don’t. I don’t sympathize with any establishment.  You can’t sympathize with […]

“Still Just Knicknacks”: Chicago in the heat over objects without context.

November 10, 2008


Yesterday, the Chicago Tribune printed a piece titled, “Loot! Chicago at center of battle between archaeologists, collectors.” In it, author Tom Hundley tours the battlegrounds with Mac Gibson and later James Cuno, juxtaposing the men’s positions. Hundley met up with McGuire Gibson, University of Chicago scholar and Mesopotamian archaeologist, in Baghdad, and surveyed the damage […]

Radical Archaeologists as Nazis and Goose-Stepping.

November 3, 2008


In his blog Numismatics and Archaeology, Nathan Elkins writes on problems he perceives in the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild.  It’s an interesting perspective on the ACCG and some of the more inflammatory positions its members have espoused. Read “Archaeological ‘Brown Shirts‘” at Elkins’ Numismatics blog. Read the “Goose-stepping” post by Wayne Sayles that seems to […]

If cultural heritage were a tool, what tool would it be?

September 22, 2008


A political tool, of course! I found some comments by Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India, timely in light of yesterday’s post on this blog.  He lamented at the ICOM conference on the use of cultural heritage as a platform for confrontation between communities and ideologies. Hear, hear. The five-day ICOM conference is taking place […]

The rise & fall of the Cultural Property Law Blog, and my makeshift education in archaeology law.

September 21, 2008


In recent weeks, I have found myself questioning my choice to call this “The Cultural Property Law Blog.”  As I consistently argue that the property framework does not work to resolve disputes over ancient artifacts, is it not contradictory to implicitly legitimize that framework in the heading under which I write? Before going to law […]

Obama v. McCain on Cultural Heritage and the Arts

September 5, 2008


Cultural heritage and arts issues may not turn an election, but for those of us who are passionate about the subjects, it is appropriate to consider where the current presidential candidates stand. Barack Obama is a long-time supporter of the arts. His Arts Plan is available for download on the Obama website.   The plan indicates […]

Fascism or Imperialism: It’s a two party system for archaeologists.

August 14, 2008


Today on CultureKiosque, intellectual property lawyer Alan Behr reviewed James Cuno’s recent book Who Owns Antiquity? In his book, Cuno points out that nationalistic patrimony laws do not necessarily hand cultural artifacts over to the descendants of the creator cultures.  In The Ethical Trade of Cultural Property, I argue that the implication of this fact […]


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