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ARCA 2013 Annual Conference in Italy

May 23, 2013


The Association for Research into Crimes Against Art will sponsor and host the Fifth Annual Art & Heritage Conference in lovely Amelia, Italy, from June 21-23, 2013. Presenters range from the Senior Inspector of the Hong Kong Police Force to the Chief of the Asset Forfeiture Unit in the United States Attorney’s Office for the […]

Problems Arise as The Getty Attempts to Verify Antiquities

January 29, 2013


In a recent effort to become more transparent, the Getty is currently attempting to verify the origins of the antiquities within its broad collection. According to recent reports, the Getty hopes to not only verify some 45,000 items in its collection, but also create an online database to house their findings. Of the undertaking, Getty […]

Italian Court Upholds Criminal Seizure Order for Getty Bronze

May 9, 2012


An Italian regional magistrate has upheld an order for the seizure of the Greek statue, now named the “Getty Bronze,” from the J. Paul Getty Museum’s antiquities collection. Italy claims the bronze statue of a victorious athlete was illegally exported from Italy before the museum bought it for $4 million in 1976. The statue is […]

Italian Museum Director Burns Art in Protest of Lack of Funding

May 7, 2012


Antonio Manfredi, director of the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, is pledging to burn three pieces of art each week in protest against the lack of monetary support for Italy’s museums and culture. He has already destroyed two paintings and is selecting more from the museum’s collection of 1,000 works. The museum is located in an […]

37 Stolen Paintings Recovered from 1971 Art Heist in Rome

April 2, 2012


One night in 1971, thieves snuck into an upper class home of a construction magnate in Rome and walked out with 42 rare paintings, including works by Van Dyck and Poussin. The police quickly lost any trail linking the crime to the culprits. Forty years later, the Italian police have recovered 11 of the stolen […]

Scubadiving Thieves Evade Lasers and Coast Guard to Steal Shipwreck Bell

March 23, 2012


On January 13, 2012, the Costa Concordia cruise liner hit a rock and capsized off the Tuscan island of Giglio. Of the 4,200 passengers, 25 were killed and 7 are still missing. Captain Francesco Schettino is being prosecuted for causing the accident, but now it seems another investigation must be opened, because thieves have evaded […]

From Siena to Cambodia: Tulane Upgrades Cultural Heritage Summer Program

February 14, 2012


Tulane is offering a summer program in Siena designed for law students with an interest in cultural heritage and the arts. The program offers a diverse faculty, including legal scholars as well as scholars with art history, archaeology and cultural heritage. After finishing the three-week academic component, students will then have the opportunity to put […]

European Commission Renews Efforts to Protect Cultural Artifacts

December 2, 2011


The European Commission, the executive body of the European Union, is renewing its efforts to keep track and prevent the loss of cultural artifacts. It announced on November 29 that there will be a consultation relating to a new idea of how to prevent the illicit trafficking of cultural items being removed from member-states. Other […]

Settlement Negotiations in the Getty Bronze Dispute

March 29, 2011


On a summer day in 1964, the 60-foot trawler Ferruccio Ferri pushed off from this port before dawn. It motored southeast, cutting through the Adriatic Sea toward a submerged outcropping where fish gathered, 32 nautical miles out. By dusk, the Ferri had reached the spot. The seven men in the crew cast their nets and […]

Cultural Property Law on January 22, 2011: Mosquito Bombers, the Golden Horn, and (Not?) Caligula’s Tomb

January 22, 2011


I’ve been down the rabbit hole for the past couple weeks, preparing for the Spring semester and recovering from the holidays, but here are a few recent happenings on the cultural property law front: Last week, Italian police arrested a looter loading an ancient statue into his truck.  The arrest led to the discovery of […]


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