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Emergency “Red List” of Endangered Syrian Artifacts Released, Includes Sculptures, Coins

September 26, 2013


ICOM (International Council of Museums) officials worked remotely to create a “Red List” of artifacts endangered by the current conflict in Syria. This Red List will be disseminated to law enforcement agencies, museums, and artifact dealers worldwide, in an attempt to prevent their illicit trade and/or destruction. The Emergency Red List of Syrian Cultural Objects at […]

Does China’s Planned Demolition at Xingjiao Bring Coin Repatriation Into Question?

May 9, 2013


Peter Tompa weighs in on the slated destruction of ancient Chinese buildings on his Cultural Property Observer. He points out that China was also involved in the foiled demolition of Mes Aynak in Afrghanistan — a 1.5 square mile Buddhist city which was almost bulldozed in favor of a copper mine. Now, China is going […]

Ancient Roman and Byzantine Coin Hoard Seized in Lesovo

August 31, 2012


The National Customs Agency in Bulgaria seized 488 artifacts which were being trafficked across the border at Lesovo. Authorities report that customs officials decided to search a Jeep being driving by a 43-year-old Bulgarian national, even though there was nothing particularly suspicious about their behavior. The driver and his passenger said they had nothing to […]

Ancient City Threatened by Brick Recycling

August 29, 2012


Built 2,500 years ago, the ancient city of Pundranager was once a renowned area of learning. Monks from China and Tibet frequented the city where they were trained in ancient Buddhist teachings. Today, the city’s ruins are under what is now the Bangledeshi village of Mahasthangarh. This village is currently listed within Asia’s top 10 […]

Museum Collections Manager Sentenced to 27 Months for Theft of Over $1 Million Worth of Rare Coins

May 2, 2012


A sentencing hearing was held Monday for Californian Wyatt Yeager, who pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $1 million worth of rare coins from the American Numismatic Association Money Museum in Colorado Springs. The court ordered he spend 27 months in prison followed by two years of supervised release. In 2007,  Yeager worked for the museum […]

Israel’s Olympic Mascot Ruled Copyright Violation

February 21, 2012


The Tel Aviv District Court has ordered the Olympic Committee of Israel (OCI) to discontinue use of its cactus-shaped mascot due to its similarity to a 1970′s Israeli Educational Television character, “Kishkashta.” Educational TV sued OCI alleging copyright infringement. The court awarded Educational TV attorneys fees but no compensation, finding that the character had not […]

Federal Court Orders Treasure Hunters Return Coin Trove to Spain

February 20, 2012


On Friday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Pizzo gave Odyssey Marine Exploration, a deep sea treasure recovery company, just one week to return 17 tons of treasure from the Nuestra Senora de las Mercedes shipwreck to Spain. The coins and artifacts have been at an undisclosed storage facility in Florida since 2007, and Odyssey has been […]

Woman Arrested for Smuggling Coins INTO Cyprus

February 17, 2012


Syrian officials have detained a Cypriot woman on suspicions of illegally smuggling ancient coins. The woman was arrested at a Syrian airport on February 4. Her brother informed the Cypriot embassy and they attempted to meet with her. However, when they arrived at the woman’s holding cell, she had already been moved. The woman is […]

Ancient Coin Import Restriction Test Case Dismissed

August 11, 2011


A Maryland federal judge dismissed the ACCG’s test case challenging federal import restrictions as to ancient coins.  In February, 2010, I explained: The ACCG complains that it had 23 coins seized from it by customs upon entering into the States from the UK, where the coins had been purchased, sans documentation of provenance.  The argument […]

Atocha Shipwreck Yields Emerald Ring Worth $500,000

July 5, 2011


The Nuestra Senora de Atocha, a famous Spanish shipwreck discovered in 1985, continues to yield new treasures.  Divers recovered two silver spoons and an emerald ring worth approximately US$500,000 from the seafloor where the galleon sank off the Florida Keys in 1622.  These newest treasures add to an already extraordinary trove recovered from the shipwreck […]


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